Tintinara Breakdown
With a head full of your songs We waited for you to sing along You had your Tintinara Breakdown. Tintinara Breakdown, The almost original Every Brothers are at it again with their first CD of all-new songs in more than a decade - Tintinara Breakdown. With a plan to go bush, go acoustic and go live, founding brothers Terry Bradford and Greg Williams (Young Homebuyers, Splurge) collected Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood, Tricycle, Splurge) as an honorary sibling named Arnie and headed up the country to their hide-away cabin-cum studio in Hall's Gap. At least, that was the plan... But Terry only got as far as Tintinara (lots of sand, wheat silos etc.) on the South Australian side of the border before his van broke down. So what do a couple of songwriters do with a weekend while waiting for Terry? Make a record, anyway... The result is Tintinara Breakdown - ten new songs true to the spirit of the Every Brothers 1986 release Picks and Pens - a bunch of pop songs played with fun and feeling, recorded live with two acoustic guitars and two voices in harmony! Following the 1998 double CD Picks and Pens, which collected all the Every Brothers good stuff, and 1989's Junk Factory, which chronicled all the good stuff they didn't get to record first time around, Tintinara Breakdown strips the Every Brothers sound back to the essentials. There's a bit of folk, a lot of pop and more than a twinge of country lurking in the ten tracks - recorded in the same order you hear them on the CD - with nothing edited and nothing faded out. Greg and Arnie reckon they've never had more fun making musicÉ and when he got home, Terry liked it too...

Track Listing
The Grind
Friday Kinda Monday
Save Me
Never Be Happy
Who Was That Singer?
Happily Ever After
The Wind Don't Know What I Know
Next Big Thing
Whre You Gonna Find Another Fool Like Me?
Tintinara Breakdown