Songs From The Back Room
The ultimate Round Records compilation, collecting together over ten years of great songs released through the label. Twenty great tracks running the gamut of styles, from the atmospheric sophisticated jazz stylings of Tubby Justice, to the 'muppet punk, folk rock' interludes of the Bedridden, all for the very special price of $5 (Aus)! Whether your tastes run to the celtic balladry of Shamrock and Thistle, or the stylish pop sounds of Those Kodiaks, 'Songs From The Back Room' is sure to contain a track you'll love (and probably more!) At only $5, how can you go wrong?

Track Listing
Swallow Me - Sasha Galliver
Inside Himself - Tubby Justice
The Wind Gets Louder - Robyn Habel
The Man Heaven Defended - The Screaming Believers
Talk To An Angel - Those Kodiaks
The Darling Mary - The Barkers
In Snow - The Lost Dog's Show
Traffic Jam - Black Taxi
This Town - The Every Brothers
Paint My Blanket - The Lost Highway
Marilyn Is Pregnant - The Scrubhornets
Forgiveness - The Holiday
Send My Love - The Borderers
Happily Ever After - The Every Brothers
Love You Honey - Mike Festa
The Sky Is Up - Gospel Noir
1968 - The Bedridden
Once In a Blue Moon - Paul Wookey
We Kiss - July 14th
The Hour Before My Brother Dies - Shamrock and Thistle

Reviews For Songs From The Back Room
There is no thread to this melange of inspired music flashes.
It simply deserves to exist and be rememembered for being brillliant and honest. And that's the reason Round exists.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser