Something Snappy
The ultimate collection of Adelaide's finest jazz exponents. Australian jazz legends such as Billy Ross, Ted Nettlebeck and Bob Jeffrey, together with an exciting new breed of players like Fuse, Michelle Nichole and James Muller. An exciting compilation of styles and substance.

Track Listing
Bu Bu's Hymn - The Kym Purling Trio
My Romance - The James Sked Quartet
But Not For Me - Catherine Lambert & The Kym Purling Trio
Noy Quite A Blues - The Les Millar Quartet
Lorraine - Fuse Featuring Liz Geyer
Blue Hue - Ted Nettlebeck
All The Things You Are - The James Muller Trio
But Beautiful - Michelle Nicole
My Little Cello - The James Sked Quartet
Ain't Misbehaving - Catherine Lambert & The Kym Purling Trio
STYVO - The James Muller Quintet
Tran - The Andy Sugg Quartet

Reviews For Something Snappy
AN entire generation of Adelaide jazz has been lost to history. The city produced more than its share of hot players through the 1960s and '70s but there wasn't anyone in town prepared to record them. Terry Bradford and James Clark want to ensure it doesn't happen again. They can't do anything to recapture the lost years of such dynamos as Bob Jeffrey, Ted Nettlebeck, Schmoe and Bruce Hancock - but they are acting swiftly to commit the new breed of Adelaide's leading contemporary jazz players to disc.

The union of Bradford and Clark, responsible for having issued five Adelaide jazz CDs in the past year, is as unlikely as it is productive. Bradford, proprietor of backyard recording label Round Records (which had mainly presented acts Bradford either wrote songs for or performed with), doesn't profess to be an expert or even a devoted fan of jazz, yet he knows when a good sound deserves to be catalogued on disc.

He came to know Clark in 1984 by engaging him as a sound engineer for several recording projects. Clark eventually played bass on several tracks. Their musical encounters became more frequent. Then Clark played Bradford tapes of recordings he had made of his Adelaide jazz associates at play - and the liaison between the two men took a new direction.

"There were these fantastic performances on tape, just sitting on the shelf, with no one listening to them,'' Bradford says. "It sparked a realisation in me. Adelaide has the best jazz school in the country but no recording outlet for the top students who come through it. And suddenly I come across a producer and a player in James, who has all the right connections. I had the framework with the record label to make proper use of this. It was an obvious link.''

The first jazz disc of Round Records was by bass player Les Millar. Then Clark pointed out the emerging crop of young jazz talent ripe for recording: stylish pianist and arranger Kym Purling, firebrand young guitarist James Muller and popular songbird Catherine Lambert.

Such is the quality of the discs that they have triggered outstanding new opportunities for the performers. Lambert has been booked to perform at Ronnie Scott's famous London jazz club this year on the strength of her album. Purling will travel with her as musical director.

Bradford is now inundated with calls from hopeful acts. Some of these have surfaced on the compilation disc Something Snappy, which was created as a bargain-priced teaser to attract new listeners to the quality of Adelaide jazz acts. It's on sale for $9.95, thanks to sponsorship from such enthusiastic Adelaide businesses as B sharp Records, the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel and promoter/manager Don Moir. Now, Clark and Bradford have created a window of opportunity. "We don't profess to be the be-all and end-all. We're just doing stuff we believe in,'' says Bradford.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser

There's a surprising quantity of outstanding, young contemporary jazz talent at work in Adelaide and you can hear the pick of the bunch on this 12-song teaser disc - a sample of tracks from other Round Records albums by the likes of songbird Catherine Lambert, powerful bassist Les Millar, guitar firebrand James Muller and brisk pianist Kym Purling. What's more, there's the hint of future treats from trumpeter Liz Geyer, singer Michella Nicole and power saxophonist Andy Sugg. Great variety - great music.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser