Shamrock & Thistle
The Celtic instrumental traditon is part and parcel of the Australian tradition. Like all traditional music, the tunes travel the roads seeking new arrangements and variations. Shamrock and Thistle travel these roads.

Track Listing
The Hour Before My Brother Dies
Stranger In Town
Haughs O'Cromdale
The Fields of Atherny
Kelty Clippie
McPherson's Rant
Newry Highwayman
Birnlie Boozle
Ploughmans Lads
Work O'The Weaver
My Donald
Red Is The Rose
bask Bask Bonnie Lassie
The Hour Before My Brother Dies (Reprise)
Over Borders

Reviews For Shamrock & Thistle
The beautiful, pure voice of Denise Alexander-Greive leaps forward as the great discovery of this album. With husband/writer/guitarist/singer Donald Alexander Greive, she has issued a strong folk statement which is obviously rooted in grand old Celtic traditions - but there are several flashes where they step into an area which is uniquely their own. Amid the huff and strum of such traditional songs as Kelty Clippie, Haughs O'Cromdale and McPherson's Rant there sits the refreshing new energy of passionate contemporary folk, as shown on the poignant Belfast, Over Borders, The Hour Before My Brother Dies and on the soaring vocal showcases Ploughman's Lads, Red is the Rose and even the boisterous Work O' the Weaver. Such sparks suggest this couple is on the verge of greater things.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser