Saturday Street
Saturday Street is the long awaited follow up to Black Taxi's debut CD Taken For a Ride. This CD again features the songs of David Wayman and Terry Bradford, songs that deal with adult emotions and challenges and provide new surprises for the listener. Over forty musicians were involved in the recording process, and there are some wonderful performances on the CD. As with the first, the songs move through a number of styles from swing to ballads to funk to blues to country gospel.

Track Listing
Mr Greenaway
Gone To Water
Undressed Caressed
Take Mine
Don't Go Thru Town Dave
Crazy Kind Of Love
The Kite
Saturday Street

Reviews For Saturday Street
The fact that Black Taxi's principal performers and songwriters live in four separate states explains why it's taken two years to follow up Taken For a Ride. The dynamic pop/jazz mix is, if anything, even ,more eclectic than before and involved more than 40 musicians. Among stand-out songs are tender ballads Gone To Water and The Kite, sung with a level of emotional subtlety few singers achieve. But this is a team effort, involving the vocal talents of Yasmin Shoobridge, April Ronsisvalle, Leah Cotterell and newcomer Rachael Kennedy, backed by the Pantazis brothers, Gerry on drums and Jack on guitars, bassist david Ross and Enio Pozzebon on keyboards. Add a line-up of brass, reed and string players. You never know what's next on the musical cab rank.
Mike Daly
The Melbourne Age