Sasha Galliver. She is seventeen comes from Victor Harbour. She was discovered busking in the main street by Rob Ayliffe (of Duckflat Boat fame) who recommended she go to the Hillbilly Hoot to meet me which she did. Her voice while reminiscent of Lucinda Williams with a Joan Baez top end. It is fresh, emotional and melodic. She doesn't sound like the current crop of sound a likes that pepper the radio waves. Her biggest asset as far as I can see is that she's a writer and that she writes great stuff. Sure her voice is stunning but it's her writing that takes her into the big league.

The track Swallow me is the one that 5AN played on air the same day I took it into the Station ( 3rd of May 2000 ) and is the one that MMM is looking at for night - time airplay. The other tracks that have cross-market appeal are Kings Kandy and Guess Whose Drinking Again? Which I think is a fantastic song with unbelievable potential, The reaction to her recording has at this point been very enthusiastic both in America (at SXSW in Austin with on going communication between Round Records and two separate organisations) and in Australia where she has already had one offer to take her off my hands. The next thing to achieve is getting her an audience so that she can start playing in front of people who want to see her perform rather than her just be someone who a few people know about. Playing to the small number of people who actually go to gigs and the audience potential is going to be a slog no matter how good you are the only way to break that nexus is via the various media. To take her to the people rather than wait for the people to come to her. The best description I can make of her music is Post Depression she's not only singing about who she is, she's everyone she's singing about.

Sasha has been described as a natural. As a singer she is unlike any of the current crop of performers blending 'roots music' with contemporary energy and a clear voice that gets past any defences without sounding like she's riding any fashion. Her writing is fresh and exciting as well as being deeply rooted in the emotional landscape that reflects both her age (17) and her interests. She is both a great songwriter and a great singer.