Robyn Habel
A sensational debut rom the multi-talented Robyn habel, an award winner for her soulful mix of styles. The voice, the songs, the arrangements all joined together to form a perfectly crafted showcase of Robyn's musical abilities.

Track Listing
Just A Habit
Hear Them Sing
There's A World
The Wind Gets Louder
A Poets Life
Just A Breeze
Ballad Of A Searcher
We Can Change Things
I Can't Run

Reviews For Robyn Habel
If the debut recordings of Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos caused a stir for their stridents lyrics and bracing performances, Adelaide's Robyn Habel could become a sensation. The songs on her first album are outsatnding - poignant, honest and pure, dressed in stark lyrics which ache with pain, confusion and naked passion. After so long spent accompanying others, Habel emerges as a confident singer, mustering a surprising strength in her breathy voice. Beautifully weighted verses re perfectly offset by lush, sophisticated accompaniment, based on vigorous acoustic foundations. the gorgeous rhapsody of sounds and words relies on consummate musicianship rather than mixing-desk trickery. It has the ingredients of a landmark Australian recording.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser

Robyn Habel makes a determined lunge for the soul. her voice is the unmistakable focal point yet the accompaniment works atmospherically - in the true sense of the word - and visually.
Kirsten Taylor
Rolling Stone Magazine

Robyn tackles a range of personal and political issues on her CD, in a style that reflects her stated influences of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Most musicians don't like to be labeled, but I would suggest there is a bit of janis Joplin in there. The lead track 'Ceasefire', displays Robyn's strong voice in her comment about overcoming conflict, at both the individual and the global level. My other favourite is 'Just A Habit', about the barriers we build preventing communication in a society where alienation is rampant. The ballad style in 'A Poets Life', offers an uplifting appeal to follow your path and not to put up with the downtrodden life. 'The Ballad Of A Searcher' challenges listeners to struggle to find answers, not necessarily accepting what someone else says.
Melanie Sjoberg
Green Left