Picks & Pens
Picks & Pens is the first flowerings of the Every Brothers - songwriters Greg Williams and Terry Bradford with bassist Robyn Habel. This, their only recorded work as a trio, is a double CD set, released on CD for the first time. The first disc contains the original 'Pick & Pens' ep albulm, originally released by Greasy Pop Records - a collection of six acoustic pop gems, plus unreleased tracks and live performances catching the trio in all their ragged glory. The second disc contains the major label release 'Everyone', thirteen tracks that demonstrate classic pop inventiveness with a very broad brush. The Every Brothers nail their folky pop thrash thing, stake out country, sweeten their soft pop and rock a little harder. Truly pop lovers heaven.

Track Listing (Disc One)
Not Quite Lies
Write It Down In Stone
We Missed Again
How Long Will You Be Gone
Absolutely Sweet Marie
While You Drive
Even Time
This Express
How Long
Only Words
I Can't Breathe (live)

Track Listing (Disc Two)
Eyes For The Blind
Must Have Been A Dream
Other Voices
Working On You
This Town
Gravy Train
I Can't Breathe
The Stranger You Are
Kisses Of Regret
Paved With Gold