No You Don't
Riding on the wave of an exciting band of players, james Muller is one of the most exciting new voices in jazz guitar styling. With a batch of propulsive originals and imaginative workings of old standards, his debut CD 'No You Don't', heralds the arrival of an exciting young talent.

Track Listing
Sprunkled It
Farewell To Earlier
All The Things You Are
Did I Stutter
In A Sentimental Mood
Lazy Eye
No You Don't

Reviews For No You Don't
Young Adelaide guitarist, James Muller, has done his time playing with all of Adelaide's leading jazz lights - Andrew Firth, Bob Jeffries, Schmoe, Bruce Hancock, Andy, Les Millar - but he's propelled by the impetus to move on, having written his own intricate and fiery melodies, to be heard by a wider audience. Six Muller originals, one written by keyboardist/organist Paul White, one by saxophonist Chris Soole, plus two standards, make up this fine CD. Muller's guitar work is propulsive, his solo work imginative. His playing is vigorous but never seems out of control. There's some hard blowing, some soft ballads, the music gets into some delicious rhythmic areas. Listen to the brooding lyrical intensity on track 3, 'Farewell To Earlier'. Muller is an exciting new talent who deserves to be heard more of.
Jazz Action Society Magazine

Wow! Jazz played with venom and purpose by Adelaide's young hot-shots. The hot, busy guitar of James Muller locks horns witth Chris Soole's saxophone, attacking the spicy melodies with urgency and passion. With a restless rhythm section driving them on, the solo instruments cook up a storm on Campington, Did I Stutter, Sprunked It. But it's not all wild and explosive, as proved by the cool Farewell to Earlier or lyrical romance or Ellington's In a Sentimental Mood.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser