Welcome to the Round Records Website. In this section we'll feature new CD releases and other Round Records related information. In the months to follow, this site will continue to be updated, offering hopefully, features to be able to buy Round Record CDs online, and more downloadable music from the catalogue. At the moment, all Round Records releases are available in Adelaide, South Australia from Big Star Records, B Sharp Records, The Muses and The CD Shop. Outside of Adelaide, please feel free to contact us over the purchase of music. Most CDs are priced at $20 (Aus) by purchasing from us directly unless otherwise stated (such as our $5 collection). General policy is we'll send individual CD's anywhere for an extra $5.

Meanwhile please feel free to browse some of our recent new releases below. In the coming months, new CDs will be released The Young Homebuyers, Terry Bradford, The Screaming Believers and Sasha.


The Texettes - Sweetheart
The Bodgies - Sensational!
Paul Wookey - One Way Ticket