Leslie Millar, Double-Bass Player/Vocalist studied in Adelaide with Geoff Kluke. He moved to Sydney and studied Bass with Bruce Cale and played with a variety of musicians ranging from Erol Buddle to Mark Simmonds.

He has jammed with international Jazz giants, Stan Getz and Elvin Jones, and played with local British players such as Courtney Pine and Tommy Chase. he has toured with the Canadian Free Jazz Band, Koda and Dada Krama from Ghana and played in self led bands at a variety of festivals such as the Avignon Festival of Culture and the Soho Jazz Festival.

When saxophonist Andy Sugg heard that Les had jammed with Coltrane's drummer Elvin Jones and had just returned from Europe, he was more than curious and immediately set up jam sessions with the most experienced players in town.

They rehearsed and giigged in various configurations for some time, but it became clear that a more contemporary, broader and fresher approach was required for the music Les was writing.

So while teaching at the Uni jazz course they blew with the best young talent around and found Dave McEvoy, an 18 year old whiz kid who brought a youthful joy, spaciousness and pre-conceptionless approach to the music.

One line-up change later introduced Simon Rigby on drums and the Leslie Millar Quartet was solidified.


Leslie Millar Quartet - Welcome Home