Largely written in two days, rehearsed in one day and recorded live in three days, (Andrew Ferrington Presents) The Lost Dogs Show captures the vitality and enthusiasm of some of Melbourne and Adelaide's finest independent musicians.

The writing credits rest largely with Terry Bradford who has written songs for bands as diverse as The Little River Band, July 14th, the Every Brothers and Black Taxi. Joining him is singer/songwriter Maurice Frawley who has written with Paul Kelly among others, and of course with the Working Class Ringos. perry White (These Future Kings, The Long Road) and Sally McIntyre contribute one song each.

The musicians include some of the finest independent talent available. Centred around the acoustic guitar of Frawley, the acoustic bass of Shane Walsh (Working Class Ringos) and the drumming of Jeff Algra (Seven Stories), featured musicians include Richard Tonkin on Squeezebox (The Borderers, Gospel Noir), Charlie Owen on Dobro and slide (Louis Tillet, New Christs, Tex, Don and Charlie and Working Class Ringos), Spencer P Jones on electric guitar (The Johnnys, beasts of Bourban, Working Class Ringos) and John Bone on violin, piano and hammond.

Vocal performances rest largely with Ferrington, though Bradford sings two numbers and Frawley kicks in with one. Backing vocalists include Sherry Rich (Girl Monster, Grevious Angels) and Horse and Wes Harrington (Clip Clop Club).

Central in the idea behind recording the Lost Dogs is the on-going nature of the project. It allowed a number of performers who generally wouldn't perform in this genre to look at other forms.


The Lost Dogs Show - (Self Titled)