Those Kodiaks (Green)
Those Kodiaks return with bass player Steve Fleming and percussionist Adrienne Sheerin for more pop with acoustic instruments and wild excursions into folk and country.

Track Listing
Money Making Money
Times Like These
Big Ben
Hard Times Fall
Kings Row
Running Like Americans
Land Of The Sun
For All Time
Because Of The Night
Riding This Train
Every Minute Every Day
Your Name
Slip Waltz

Reviews For Those Kodiaks (Green)
Those Kodiak's second album uses the same technique of combining pop, country and folk stylings to create thirteen energetic, memorable songs. All the members trade the lead vocal chores, giving the recording a nice diversification. The lead song, 'Money Making Money', is a satirical commentary of the (sometimes evil) necessity of money. the gentleness of 'Kings Row', contrasts dramatically with the frantic, urgent 'Running Like Americans', using harsh electric guitar riffs and frenetic mandolin to create an air of tension. Sheerin's vocals are lovely on the self penned 'Land Of The Sun'.
James Morman
Dirty Linen USA

On its second album, Adelaide group Those Kodiaks has knocked its eclectic sound into a more definite shape, recognisable as acoustic pop music. Of course, there are major stylistic nods to folk traditions, country picking and the signature of blues cool, but virtually every song is nailed down with a melody and a hook that catches your attention every time. If there is a unifying thread to the Kodiaks' music, it is the power of voices. All five members contribute lead vocals on the album, giving the gamut of pop songs an interesting diversity. At times, the wild extremes are unnerving - jumping from the quirky folk of King's Row to the raw bustle of Running Like Americans, or the smouldering torch blues of Because of the Night to the breakneck bluegrass of Riding this Train - but they make for a fascinating record. The band's philosophy is obviously not to be bound to one style when it can tackle them all. With results as strong as this, who's likely to argue?
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser