Those Kodiaks (Red)
Based around the writing partnership of Terry Bradford and Stuart Day, Those Kodiaks first album was recorded in Terry's back room. Music combining pop with acoustic instruments and wild excursions into folk and country.

Track Listing
This Express
Red Brick
I Found You
Working On You
Pastel World
Talk To AnAngel
Solid Rocket Fuel
God Will
Wasn't Scared
Holding On
Slay Bells

Reviews For Those Kodiaks (Red)
Formed by songwriter Terry Bradford and multi-instrumentalist Stuart Day, Those Kodiaks attempts to combine pop based music with plenty of acoustic instruments and an occasional excursion into the wilds of folk music stylings: and to great success. Their pop structure allows plenty of hooks to these ear-catching songs and their lyrics are far above the normal pop dreck. the simple beauty of the ballad 'Red Brick' paints a vivid portrait of suburban life and the stark underbelly of relationships in this seemingly pleasant environment. Rendered only by voice and acoustic guitar with a minimum of percussion accompaniment 'Red Brick' underscores the hidden pain and anguish in a typically normal setting. They use a country music motif for the catchy 'Talk To An Angel' and their version of Lyle Lovett's 'God Will' is performed with little adornment beyond Day's plaintive harmonica.
James Morman
Dirty Linen USA