Junk Factory
After a break of eight years, Greg and Terry to delve into the
junk factories of their minds and cast out their lingering demons.
The result is a new record called Junk Factory. On it the
wayward brothers are joined by a cast-of-thousands - James
Black (Black Sorrows), Gerry Pantazis (Black Taxi), Greg
Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood), itinerant bass player
Damien Boyd and Barkers stalwarts Richard Tonkin and Imogen
Lidgett- on a collection of fine songs. Junk Factory is
unashamedly a pop album. Casting aside once and for all their
'folkie' tag, the Every Brothers run the stylistic gamut from
jangly guitar pop (Wake Up, The Big OK and Treat It Like Any
Other Day), to Beatle-esque harmonies (Antarctica), mid-sixties
Dylan (Moving It Along), Who-ish power pop (My Sick Mind)
and Stones-ey honky country (Being A Man). They go 'way out'
West (One Song, ThatŐs Pain, The Bus I Ride), get Cajun
swampy (Blue Cross Blues, All Life Long), and do surfin'-thrash
(Let's Have Fun). It sounds like they're having fun again.

Track Listing
Wake Up
The Big OK
Move It Along
Treat It Like Any Other Day
My Sick Mind
Being A Man
One Song
Blue Cross Blues
Let's Have Fun
The Bus I Ride
That's Pain
Early Morning