July 14th
Containing Round Records Manager Terry Bradford and Round Records artist Robyn Habel, July 14th are a legendary South Australian band whose first single 'Me And My Gun' sat in the top ten independent charts for months. This album is released for the first time on CD with bonus tracks of 'Me And My Gun', and three other unreleased recordings from the ABC documentary 'In Search Of Women's History', get it and get in for your chop.

Track Listing
Me And My Gun
We In The West
All Because Of You
We Kiss
The Flow
Take Another Step

Reviews For July 14th
There is a lot more to the music of Adelaide band July 14th than initially meets the ears. A superficial listen to this album would bear no substantial rewards for the listener or even give an accurate idea of what this post-psychedelia band sets out to achieve. Listeners must be prepared to become involved with the music if they want to extract the best from it. Essentially, July 14th could be classified as a musician's album, as the performances of the quartet is powerful and compelling - particularly the virtuoso guitar of Rod Ling. However, the heart of the album is the diverse collection of songs it boasts and the passionate arrangements that complement them. Strong melodies lie at the heart of Terry Bradford's intense compositions and sharp lyrics bite at the ear of the listener. 'Bastille' and 'We Kiss' howl with tortured vocals and shudder with frantic energy, while the other side of the musical coin is also justly covered with the sensitive 'All Because Of You', and the soft haze of 'Mogadon'. Ans although this is a thoroughly uncompromising set, 'We Of The West', and 'Mercenaries', are immediately inviting tunes. July 14th is an acquired musical taste and must be classified as an alternative but, in time, people will be drawn to this album on the strength of its musical honesty and boldness alone.
David Sly
The Adelaide Advertiser

John Wayne had a horse to kiss, but Terry Bradford has a lover neither Wayne nor his horse could beat. Over brashly strummed acoustic guitar that starts at barely a crawl but picks up to polka pace, Bradford, vocalist with the band July 14th tells about his lover in intimate detail. He met her in an old pawnshop, wrapped her and took her home, caressed her when he was alone and took her out on Saturday nights. With a soft sane voice punctuated by gnarly electric guitar twangs borrowed from a boogiefried American South, the story of 'me And My Gun', unfolds.
Spin magazine USA

'Me And My Gun', is the strangest love ditty of them all and quite unbearably exciting. If this wasn't so damn haed to get hold of, it would be single of the week.
Sounds magazine UK