Gospel Noir
Terry Bradford's piano album. he can't play one but he knows someone who can. An album from the South Australian Music Industry Association (SAMIA) vocalist and songwriter of the year. Top class production numbers mixed with live takes, Terry's songs are for eveyone.

Track Listing
The Sky Is Up
Athlete's Heart
I Got Drunk
To Set My Spirit Free
The Young John Wayne
A Minor Blues (With Apologies)
Over Borders
Edward Bear

Reviews For Gospel Noir
Bradford has gone out on his own with Gospel Noir, an attempt to provide country music with an updated, contemporary sound that incorporates some jazz, pop and gospel. the pedal steel by John Hyland is never far away, always providing that country flavour, especially on his remake of the Those Kodiaks song 'Routine'. Another instrument that is heavily used on these quirky songs is the keyboard/piano of Sean Timms (Mondo Rock). Except for the country flavour, Gospel Noir is much like a Kodiaks album with wonderful pop songs and intelligent lyrics. Highlights are the perfect harmonizations of Bradford and Denise Alexander-Grieve on several songs, the homage 'The Young John Wayne' and stereotypical 'Edward Bear', about drunkenness and teddy bears. A quality album with an unusual perspective on the usual subject matter.
James Morman
Dirty Linen USA

A mature collection of songs.
David Sly
The Adelaide Advertiser