Greg and Terry started writing together to get the pop thing out of their heads and ended up playing together on and off for ten years. Originally busking in the front bar of pubs for beers and the occasional ten bucks they found their long lost sister Robyn who had learnt double bass whilst hiding in the bush. This led up them packing out the Maylands Hotel every Wednesday night for a year during which time they recorded the legendary Picks and Pens EP for Greasy Pop Records. Soon after they signed to Polygram records and toured non stop for a year during which time they recorded their first studio CD 'Everyone' with drummer Andy Mills. After promoting that for another year they decided to call it a day and get on with the other personal projects they were all involved in.

Greg moved to Melbourne Terry stayed in Adelaide and worked on his budding record company Greg played electric pop in Melbourne, Robyn started her solo career and Andrew went to work for the ABC. Terry and Greg decided after a few years to go in and mix a whole lot of unreleased material from the bands early days for fun and had so much fun they got back together and recorded the Junk Factory CD (released through Festival Records) Greg had stayed in Melbourne and was working on a new project called 'Splurge' with Greg Arnold from Things of Stone and Wood and they thought it would be a good idea to go back to the origional Every's attitude of keep it simple and brilliant. So with that in mind Greg Arnold agreed to produce and perform with them in a cabin in Halls Gap. On the way Terry VW broke down and Greg and Greg were left with engineer Dave Macluney to write and record a CD in three days. That CD 'Tintinara breakdown' is the forth instalment in the brothers wandering through the wilds of acoustic pop, country, folk and harmony territory unaware that they started before it became a style and a fashion.


The Every Brothers - Picks And Pens
The Every Brothers - Junk Factory
The Every Brothers - Tintinara Breakdown