Cowgirl Of My Dreams
The Holiday made up of players described by the studio engineers as the A Team. Terry Bradford, (acoustic guitar and vocals) Stuart Day acoustic / electric guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals. Steve Flemming Acoustic / Electric bass, Mandolin, Violin, vocals, Toby Lang drums, Mike Festa electric guitars, pedal steel. Combining the best of Australian energy and Austin outlaw country. Adelaide looks like a Texan Town and we play like they mean it. Cowgirl of my dreams displays yet again how Australian players are prepared to play like their life depends on it and enjoy the exercise. Influences such as Steve Earle, Neil Young, Rockabilly, Rolling Stones and Heartland Country all hook together into what the band is a Holiday (Serious Fun) Standout tracks are Cowgirl of my Dreams, Cheyenne, Jordan, Forgiveness in fact the whole damn album is good. 'Stuart Macqueen' Cowgirl of my Dreams was recorded at Krell Studios and has been raved about by anyone who loves strong songs, great performances and energy.

Track Listing
I Need a Lie
You're Strange
Cowgirl Of My Dreams
Saturday Street
True Love
Another Kind Of Love
666 FM
Sutton Hoo