Catherine is very much at home on stage, whether she is powering away at the business end of a rock and roll band or smoothing a husky path through jazz standards with a crystal-perfect three-piece band. She considers it a serious responsibility, as both a performer and a musician, to move her audience.

"When i leave the stage, I have want to have caused movement. People can be excited and pumping, they can be crying or they can be lost in their own memories of what was or what might have been,
It's the movement that's important - and the kind of movement is dictated by the kind of music."

Versatility is a two-edged sword. Musicians who move between styles and forms often misjudge their own versatility. Not Catherine. She makes every song her own. Her interpretation of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," has assumed legendary status in Adelaide. Close your eyes, listen and catherine Lambert might have written it. But watch as she seduces her way through "You Can Leave Your Hat On," and you cab scarcely believe it's the same person.

Catherine lambert was born in Knutsford, in the UK and was raised in Hightstown, New Jersey in the United States. But you'd never know. She came to South Australia when she was 15 years old and quickly lived here all her life. She plays the clarinet. In fact, she taught the instrument and played it full time in the State Opera Orchestra for a year. That was in 1982 but they couldn't keep catherine Lambert sitting down in a chair three rows from the back for long. It was too far from centre-stage.

From 1983 to the present catherine lambert has played in any number of bands and has recorded some fine music. It would be too easy to categorise her simply as the accomplished musician she is. Catherine has done breakfast shift radio and reports on entertainment for Channel 9 in Adelaide.

In the end Catherine Lambert is a performer. As a musician it says a great deal about catherine Lambert that Adelaide's finest musicians gravitate around her every project.


Catherine Lambert - (Self Titled)