Black Taxi are Three woman singers covering a range of talent and experience that brings something exciting and new. Backed up by a band that cooks and based around the songs of Dave Wayman and Terry Bradford Black Taxi are talking to you .

Described as nineties attitude mixed with Nina Simone, Bassey, Sinatra, Sade and with the sort of songs that could come have come out of a big hip American city Black Taxi proves that great performances and great songs are going to work anywhere and work at any time.

Leah Cotterell, experienced as a blues, gospel, country and jazz singer brings style performance and a hungry heart. From Brisbane well known in Jazz and Cabaret circles. She is the vocalist on Hounds of God, It costs too much, So Twisted, The Reed and the Growl, CanŐt Get You Out and Pick it up.

April Ronsisvalle, brings attitude, energy, emotion and excitement. First time in the studio (she's only twenty) she works regularly in Melbourne and has been rapidly gathering a large group of admirers. She is the vocalist on Traffic Jam, Concentrate on you, DonŐt Worry and Fall to Temptation.

Yasmine Shoobridge, well known in Melbourne as leader singer of Yasmine and the Tea Leaves an early eighties Melbourne acoustic vocal and swing band, sophisticated and cool. A great harmony singer she is the Vocalist on Leave the Cafe.

They Sing House of Love as one.

Together Black Taxi deliver a vocal performance that is designed to take you somewhere else.

Gerry Pantazis, A rare phenomenon a drummer who plays the song. Tours with Tommy Emmanuel and is first drop in the Hey Hey its Saturday Band. Jack Pantazis, A guitarist who thinks melody is a part of life not just a part of business. Lectures in Jazz Guitar Collingwood Tafe. Enio Pozzebon, Who said its a guitar world? piano and keyboards have got something to say again. Lectures in piano at Collingwood Tafe. Dave Rosa, Mr Moonlight himself. Romance, excitement, tenderness and that ability to swing. Bass that more than just walks its inviting you on the floor.

If you like Nina Simone, Julie London, Anything But the Girl, Swing, Emmy Lou HarrisŐs Wrecking Ball,Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and Randy Newman this is the Band for you. Every so often something comes along that has style and energy. Black Taxi is already a part of your life its time you got to enjoy it. Taxi !


Black Taxi - Taken For a Ride
Black Taxi - Saturday Street