Constucted in Canberra in 1989 from the Dave & Spaemen duo,
"Me & My Friend," recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Lismore; and "The Obnoxious and the Bedridden," which consisted of Baterz, benjow and anyone else that was hanging around at the time. Baterz's parents had gone on holidays for a week so he phoned up all his mates for a big party/recording session at their house. Thus were born the Bedridden.

For no reason anyone can remmeber, dave convinced everyone to move to Adelaide with him, except for benjow, who had to finish his Cultural Heritage Management Degree. Before too long, their music attracted the attention of the eminent local 'music icon' Terry Bradford, who beat them into shape a little and stuck them into a studio to record the album "It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Loses An Eye."

Poor old Benjow was left all by himself in Canberra for nearly a year, and when he began hearing music he had written being played on the radio, he realised that his fate lay in Adelaide also.

The Bedridden sound is hard to define. One reviewer described it as "Muppet Punk Folk" which is as close as anything - a decidedly fresh outlook on putting together words and sounds. You have heard nothing like the Bedridden.


The Bedridden - It's All Fun And Games Until
Someone Loses An Eye
The Bedridden - Big Scary Cow