The Barkers
Terry Bradford and Richard tonkin wrote and recorded these songs and tunes because they like music, and because they make each other work really hard so they can have a good time doing it. During the recording Terry called up Imogen Lidgett and said we need some great violin so she paid her own ticket to Adelaide from Hobart and played for us. Then he called up Stuart day and said come 'n join in and he did. Then Richard said to the Wednesday Night Session Players from the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel 'what about it?' and then while engineering James Clark played double bass. Terry said who's going to sing the waltz, Richard said Irene and she did and then we said 'that's that then' and it was.

Track Listing
The Darling Mary
Glory Days
Real Dance
The Summer Wife
Love Life Of The Ordinary
The Session
Portland Bells
Cockney Carol
Single Mothers Waltz
The Frog Song
King Of The World
Dashing White Seargant

Reviews For The Barkers

The swirling cocktail of howling country, lean acoustic pop and rustic folk which stirs in the head of Adelaide songwriter Terry Bradford continues to burst into bloom. In the wake of Bradford's seed work with Those Kodiaks, Gospel Noir and The Borderers, the Barkers album has an even warmer folksy charm, from the stark beauty of the reminiscing Glory Days, the mournful Whyalla and the brash romance of The Darling Mary to the rambling drinking songs Love Life of the Ordinary, The Session and King of the World. An unusual musical equation which makes wonderful sense.
David Sly
Adelaide Advertiser

Hints of the Pogues and Nick Hill with a delightful way with words, This is a CD full of fine songs and great playing..
Canberra Times

The Darling Mary is just one of those great songs.
Doug Spencer
ABC Radio Daily Planet