Carrying the ideas and traditions of folk music into the 'noughties ', Terry Bradford, Richard Tonkin, Stuart Day, Imogen Lidgett and Steve Fleming, The Barkers, take the finest singers and musicians from the kitchen tables and bars of South Australia and fuses them into a distinctive style of original songs and music.

According to singer/songwriter and producer Terry Bradford, the music picks up "...the traditional styles of England, Scotland and Ireland (does anybody remember Wales?) which make up such a large part of the Australian Tradition, and creates something new and original with them."

"Without knowing where one tradition starts and another stops, you end up with 'Australian' music."

Accordion player and composer Richard Tonkin adds, "Because we have fairly varied musical backgrounds (Terrry has, amongst other things, written for the Little River Band and produced and recorded albums for Robyn Habel, The Every Brothers and July 14, while Richard has toured internationally with Kelly's Revenge; and arranged and composed for various local projects) we are fortunate to be able to be able to call on friends from lots of kinds of music, with a level of musicianship and understanding to help us achieve something off on a tangent from what they, and we, would regard as a norm, while respecting and enjoying the cultures and music that it comes from."

Featured heavily in the group are singer/composer/ plays-just-about- everything, Stuart Day from FAB, Spank You Very Much and The Blue Katz, Those Kodiaks, The Holiday, violinist/singer Imogen Lidgett from the Tasmanian String Quartet and bassist Steve Fleming from Those Kodiaks, not to mention the Celtic session players from the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel's front bar (the dog had a go at a couple of songs, but they were'nt in here register!)

"The best thing we can say about The Barkers", says Terry " Is that we're like life - remember your roots, but always be on the lookout for new ones!"


The Barkers - (Self Titled)
The Barkers - The Black Joke
The Barkers - Woof!
The Barkers - Temple Hill