Here it is: music blown from over the plains, carried on the breeze, whispered in Hank William's ear, written down by Scott Walker's hands, strummed on neil Young's fretboard and beaten on Mo Tucker's skins. Grown wild as a rock 'n roll flower, growing leaves of Stax and Volt, growing Blue Note, Rough Trade and a lot more in-between and ending here: Amarine. Recorded in the rock 'n roll capital of the southern hemisphere, Melbourne, Australia, over the Autumns and Summers of '95 and '96, Amarine offers a golden hour of steely torch songs, a soundtrack for the eternal 3a.m.

Track Listing
Everybody's Got A Place To Go
Paint My Blanket
Let The Night Come Down
Waiting For The World
Jack London
Just What I Always Thought You Wanted
Last Lover's Song
So Many Roads, So Many Trains