Terry Bradford is the most difficult bastard in Australia. You see he's a musician with sounds of great unusual orchestrations running in his head, and he assembles bizarre configurations of musicians so that ideas come to life. And he won't stop worrying fussing until he gets it all done right. His way.

It's going on 20 years he's been doing this. His own bands. His favorite bands. People he doesn't even know but who have a song, a sound, a performance that lights up the horizon. It excites him; compells him to take action. These performances aren't allowed to wither and die; somehow Terry cajoles the people who still believe in the beautiful noise to make a commitment. Come sundown, another recording is pencilled in for a Round Records release. For some time down the line...

Terry is no saint but he's given the modest a reason to believe. Not many folks have bothered to do this in Adelaide for musicians. Doug Thomas did when Greasy Pop Records connected the noise of the garage to the pulse of the street. Terry was by Doug's side in those days, blasting out a wicked noise with July 14. When Doug had given everything for no return, Terry was the old true believer left standing who was prepared to act. Before long he was ranting about a recording he had of spooky love songs by long-time favorite Hindley St club chanteusse Tubby Justice. He was so hot for the album, he cooked up a commercial television advertising campaign to sell the first Round Records disc. It worked. The ignorant were enlightened by something beautiful from left-of-centre.

Terry's pedigree credits include songwriting for The Little River Band, and stints in July 14th, The Every Brothers, Gospel Noir, Those Kodiaks, The Borderers, The Barkers and The Holiday. He is a lyricist with a knack for cutting deep into the heart of personal politics, of love and life,in a deliciously wry whimsical way. LikeTerry himself, Round Records is about the music, about the songs, not the baggage of major and commercial record company politics.Round Records releases nre music - songs that don't fit into a disc jockey's aptitude test template of easy music labels.





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